Tales of fighters sonicfan150 4 Yes
pool for these stories anon859 7 Yes
cursed mask idpet IDPet 2 No
False hope G-Love 0 No
Two Little Bethelites Keeper_of_pots 2 No
Fate Blackbeard's conspiracy AngryMan 12 Yes
The App tuti2 2 No
Ash Lisa's twin (kyo-domesticfucker) OperationTransport 5 Yes
A kinda mid fiary thing efala 7 Yes
Bocchi the Rock! - Kikkuri is easy to hypnotize (torako) JustChilling 3 Yes
Original - Hypnotist and apprentice (Na Shacho) Mattlau04 25 Yes
Bowsette possessed by Viego! AngryMan 3 Yes
Team RWBY's hypnotic bonding - various artists - dewar manips dewar 4 No
Ichigo 100% - Girls Who Are Turned Into Puppets By Mobile App Hypnosis (KRS)) JustChilling 10 Yes
the weight of the world (Darkoshen) da_janitor2 3 Yes
My Little Pony - The Return of Harmony Part 1 - Hypnosis NightmareKagamine97 5 Yes
HoloX's Hypnotime killerdarkrai 6 Yes
Only Talon Fucks Trix89 2 Yes
Draken x Nyx by Nilanandita RCTDELTA20 19 Yes
Original - New Bunny in Progress (ZephyrGales)) JustChilling 3 Yes
Maeve and Nightshade Fellow 4 Yes
Nagi 2022 celebratory post krump 4 Yes
weremonkey vidalia by idpet IDPet 4 No
Rosa TF (Zerotaichi) da_janitor2 4 Yes
Rainbow Dash Gets Stolen (GlowHorn) ArtifactFox 2 Yes