krystal vr hypno by ozoneserpent anthony985 5 No
Mindbending Space Queen - Pstash kirbysuper123 8 Yes
Penlight: Shackled Angela_DeMille 4 No
No Counterattack! "Yes. I am your plaything." (black) OperationTransport 24 Yes
Robolga by Idpet IDPet 3 No
Uzzi-ponydubberx My Little Pendulum Hypnosex 5 Yes
Wonder Woman at the New U Salon (babefactor) da_janitor2 39 Yes
Nyna corrupted S-support wokeat4am 3 Yes
Fallen Maria (isobe roll) wokeat4am 6 Yes
Kizetsu Yuusha to Ansatsu Hime L12@ 12 Yes
S-class hero defeated by disaster level wolf (basenokim) OperationTransport 5 Yes
Hero Duty (zenin1) OperationTransport 11 Yes
Sylvia's plantification (@the varking) sparkane 5 Yes
Night of the Living Sex (Pia-Sama) plsignoreme 9 Yes
Panels (NC) fordata 1 No
Catria-harrier and Palla-enchantress Corruption wokeat4am 12 Yes
Changers Quest Changer 20 Yes
Scariest? Triple brainwashing device - huki2 (Honey Select) VortexMaster 15 Yes
Mission Failed sonicfan150 16 Yes
MC Trap Town Resurrection: Day 4 - Rina (Daytime) Xlmpth 17 No
Erika and Alice - Born Performers VoidSequence 10 Yes
Bounty Hunted! (Honkai: Star Rail) sonicfan150 9 Yes
River Shirt-lift Alt mx_driftdrop 2 No
Hypnotaker BugmenotEncore 4 Yes
Library Agent in Hypno-Robbers Hypno-tato 23 Yes