ayuko_(jcroth) barefoot bath bathing black_hair breasts chloe_sakamata coin derocrossh fangs feet female_only femdom femsub foot_focus foot_pendulum furry goat_girl grey_hair hololive horns indeedee large_breasts multicolored_hair nintendo open_mouth original pokemon purple_hair red_eyes short_hair smell smug spiral_eyes steam symbol_in_eyes towel virtual_youtuber

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Posted on 2023-09-16 18:49:52
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The first image of my new series: HoloX's Hypnotime/AyukoX! While the pics and stories will have different names, they are both a part of the same narrative, so think of each as coming paired together. Part 1 has the cleaner of HoloX, Sakamata Chloe, using her smelly, fishy odor to turn the normally clean and tidy Ayuko into a lover of stinks, feet, and no bathing. It took a lot of courage for Chloe to go into Ayuko's bathroom in the first place, so please be proud of her for doing such a rough task...