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24543 3795.2 You're happy, and your mind is more and more blank. It's okay, 'cause I'm with you. jb September Revert
69137 12172.1 If tomorrow's no good, then why not do it today? No backchat. blood September Revert
69137 12171.1 Huh?! By tomorrow is a bit fast...I already have plans... blood September Revert
69137 12170.1 Your build goes against public morality! Have it fixed by tomorrow. blood September Revert
69109 12169.1 Yes... blooper September Revert
69109 12168.1 It'll definitely feel really good once you take all your clothes off. blooper September Revert
69109 12167.1 Yes... blooper September Revert
69109 12166.1 When it's hot, you just want to take your clothes off, right? blooper September Revert
69109 12165.1 Yes... blooper September Revert
69109 12164.1 It's hot... It's hot isn't it, Chie-chan. blooper September Revert
69112 12163.1 Shirona Icontrol September Revert
69112 12162.1 Please go easy on me... Icontrol September Revert
69112 12161.1 Nice to meet you ♥ Icontrol September Revert
69037 12160.1 Y-you're asking why...? Because I feel like I have no choice, that's why! The voices in my head tell me to! I'll go mad if I don't become someone's cum dumpster sex slave! Please...just....insert your cock into me! Until I'm broken! Fuck me! Please! Help me! extreyextrey September Revert
69037 12159.1 Please...! I need you to cum inside my tits! I'll do anything! I'll do anything for your wonderful cock milk! What do you like?! You want me to masturbate for you? Want a titty fuck? You can use my pussy as many times as you want! I'll be your cum dumpster for life! Have your way with my titties and my pussy as much as you like! extreyextrey September Revert
69037 12158.1 Hey, you! Wait up! extreyextrey September Revert
69036 12157.1 H-help me... Pl*ea*se.... I-I'll do a*ny*th*in*g... I-it hurts...! M-my h*ead*... H-*huh*? What *am I* sa*ying?* extreyextrey September Revert
69036 12156.1 H-hold on...You don't intend to...make me act strangely too...n-no... extreyextrey September Revert
69036 12155.1 My Pokemon are...all acting strangely... extreyextrey September Revert
69036 12154.1 What is...this power... extreyextrey September Revert
69052 12153.2 More <3 Make me feel better and better <3 Make me your very own <3 I'll become like a person who loses their human will and becomes a love-slave in a novel, do more to make me like that! <3 Give me pleasure that's never been written before! <3 I'm so happy to become your sex-slave, Hypno-sama! <3 Please show me so much more! <3 Ogodei-Khan September Revert
69052 12153.1 More <3 Make me feel better and better <3 Ogodei-Khan September Revert
69052 12152.1 W-what do you think, Hypno-sama? <3 I could write a novel reflecting on the love that you've given me <3 ...Ah! <3 Wow! <3 So rougghhh!<3 Your hypno-cock is fantastic! <3 I'll sing your praises all night long <3 Ogodei-Khan September Revert
69049 12151.1 His cock, tinged with a mysterious purple light, thrust inside my womb, and when it did the last trace of "me" was blotted out. So good. So good. So good. The new me accepted this pleasure with all of my being. Under his powerful thrusts, I was reborn as a new Shauntal. I offered myself up to the beloved master before me and resolved to bear as many of his children as he wished... <3 Ogodei-Khan September Revert
69049 12150.2 An instant after he swung his pendulum before my eyes, I knew my life belonged to him. I had no choice. His, Hypno's, hypnosis had utterly claimed my whole self as a woman and all that I was was now his. Ogodei-Khan September Revert