Pool: Superboy - Goth Begins (Whitt)

Superboy arrived in Jump City, recovering from his latest misadventures. Halloween weekend has come and trick-or-treaters are out in full swing. Superboy considered joining the gang of costumed revelers down there when Goth suddenly appeared with a grin.

"Boo!" Goth phased through the hero. "Did I scare ya, Superboy?"

Superboy did look surprised, but tried to act coy about it. "Not really, Goth, but I'll give you an A for effort."

"The Teen Titans have been working hard all October... I think we should give them a nice treat, doncha think so?"

"Going trick-or-treating with the Teen Titans? That sounds fun. I'm in."

The ghostly boy worked his hands over Superboy's crotch. Goth smirked as he eyed the hero. "No, Superboy, I'M the one going IN."

"Really... Goth, I'm the one on top here." Superboy shook his head. As his erect cock stretched out the fabric of his costume, Superboy gave Goth a challenging look.

"Watch and learn, Superboy," Goth phased something much bigger than Superboy's straining boner - his own cock, larger and thicker, poking out from Superboy's body. "I win, therefore I get to keep your body."

"Wait a minu-" Superboy tried to protest but Goth had phased his cock into Superboy's ass, stretching him from the inside and sending shockwaves of pleasure in his mind.

Goth began his possession powers over the hero boy. "It will be so much fun when we dominate the Teen Titans, doncha think so, Superboy?"