Pool: original - Welcome To The Hive (lunate and pappagobbastoppa)

Art and Spitbug concept by lunate

Story and commission by pappagobbastoppa

1. Deep in the marshes, your fate becomes one of your own discretion should you choose to stray from the path.
There are worse things out here in the Ghostforest than mud and brackish water as many warnings abound; the Spitbug.
Native to the marshes and notorious for their infectious spittle, they find those led astray by the Ghost Lights and induct them into their hive.
Tonight is such the story of one such young woman who found herself unconscious at the bottom of a Spitbug's trap after losing her party and her provisions. She never thought that she would also lose her humanity...

2. Coming to with a start as she landed with a wet *splorch* in a pile of brown sludge, the young woman takes stock of her situation quickly, realizing with a horrifying certainty that she had fallen into the clutches of a predator, realizing that she was now the sole occupant of a Spitbug pit.
Though this knowledge only serves to inspire further apprehension, already caked with the bug's juices- knowing what the Spitbug has in store for her is only a small comfort, for experiencing a predator transforming its prey firsthand is certainly another thing than reading about it in a dusty old tome or overhearing the warning in a seedy bar.
How had this all gone so wrong?

3. The Spitbug pauses spitting at hearing the young woman's cries, crawling down into the pit to investigate her prize brings her face to face with the young woman who recoils in disgust.
Spurred on through lust and the lingering familiarity of a girl meeting a spitbug for the first time lingering at the edges of a dusty memory, the Spitbug gently removes the hairband of the young woman, feeling a kindred connection between them.
The young woman seems almost curious, though her protests are much quieter now. The Spitbug sees her opening and presses her spitslit to the woman's lips, their lips meeting and the infectious spit lingering on the human's tongue as the Spitbug draws her from her sitting position to her feet.

4. Feeling the spit filling her mouth, the young woman comes to a surprising realization, despite the appearance of her captor's mouth, the drooling nectar is actually more than pleasant- and loses sight of escape as she embraces the Spitbug.
The small warts on her shoulders swell bigger as the Spitbug's juices are eagerly absorbed into her aroused form, the human coming up for air after drinking of the musky nectar for what feels like minutes, only to catch her breath and resume the kiss.
The Spitbug pulls away the second time the kiss breaks, leaving the human to absently wonder why her source of honey was retreating. Though her attention is soon drawn to her own mouth as it warps, her nose and lips distending as her face assumes the configuration of her captor's spitslit. Unbeknownst to her, her human eyes tint darkly, retaining their green though shifting to the dark inverted blackness of a bug's eye. Her tongue hangs free from her new slit as her mandibles part, the transforming woman secreting her own nectar for the very first time.

5. The Spitbug helps her transforming captive out of her cloth tatters, and the young woman's inhibitions rapidly desert her as she explores the powerful new muscles of her spitslit. Her fingers slip past her mandibles, her tongue sucking hungrily on her fingers as she explores her new orifice.
She begins losing herself in the delightful sensation as her carapace continues growing and replacing her skin with an emerald tint. Her focus is only snapped back with a familiar sensation building in an unfamiliar place.
She pulls her fingers out just in time for her spitslit to gush its transformative honey all over her chest and soak her cleavage with her spittle.
Losing the exquisite high of masturbation to her rapidly altering reality, she gasps for breath, noticing her carapace spreading much quicker across her neck and chest as bug spit meets human skin, only to orgasm again- the spit gushing down her chest and stomach as the change spreads across and covers her tits and hands.

6. Reluctant acceptance sets in as her nipples lose their human pink, becoming the same yellow-green as her spitslit. Her hands thicken, becoming three-digit insectile claws, which the woman regards with some matter of finality with regards to her body's changes.
Her captor clings to the wall and grabs her under the arms as she starts to walk backwards, up the side of the pit.
The transforming human's struggles have all but ceased by this point but the alpha Spitbug stimulates her becoming sister's slit, causing her juices to again soak her chest with slime as she is carried up the wall.
Again and again she orgasms, her pussy and legs coating with the same emerald shell that the rest of her body has assumed.

7. The now fully transformed human reclines against the wall of the Spitbug trap, having been carried to the top of the ledge.
She instinctively rests a claw over her pussy, spare thoughts colliding by how utterly consumed by lust she feels, how much like her captor she has truly become and pondering why the acceptance of her changed state feels only natural to her now.
Though it seems that her journey is not yet finished as her alpha lifts her by the arm over her shoulder, supporting her as her feet finish changing into their proper configuration, leading her onwards through a smooth fracture in the rock that she'd previously overlooked the night before.

8. The beta Spitbug's eyes widen at the sight that meets them. She sees in her peripherals the members of her guide and escort but her vision fills with only one thing- Cock.
The dripping hard members of the bound humans attached to the walls of the cavern fill her senses with the thick scent of male arousal that she her body impulsively recognizes even though her tongue does not yet, though the sheer overpowering scent alone wafting into her spitslit is simply too much for the beta Spitbug to resist and her mind gives in. She admits openly to the room as her tongue lolls free, her mandibles stretching wide as she falls to her hands and knees before crawling over to the nearest captive human to feed her hunger.

9. She grasps the human shaft in front of her, bound by her hunger as she licks along the underside of the human's cock, her tongue sliding around it and drawing it into her spitslit as she feels her slit stretch wide around the intruding member, sliding his length back in forth as she facefucks herself, feeling the human's resistance slipping away as she bobs her head in his lap, finally rewarded with a spray of semen down her slit. She lets him flop out of her spitslit, his prick twitching again and spraying her face and hair with musky male goo. His heady scent is not enough though, and she knows this. She can feel it, as her antennae twitch as they push through her hair.
She needs more. She needs to feed.

10. The beta's claws go to her slit, keeping the male's load inside her as she crawls to the next captive, spreading her spitslit around the second male's cock.
As her antennae are now fully grown, she no longer needs words as she continues from human to human, slaking her hunger on their engorged, cum-filled cocks.
She drinks from every male in the room until she flops back in a pile of mixed bug goo and human spunk, her belly deliciously full and her hunger sated for the moment.
Her thoughts are simpler now... more enjoyable. She recognizes her inability to talk but only briefly mourns it. She admits her new role and species and as her pussy clenches, realizes that her internal structure has been internally reconstructed as well.
She shivers and her mind screams in bliss as the first of many eggs pushes free from her sex, antennae twitching as her body quivers with pleasure while the second Spitbug egg slips free from her cunny, followed immediately by a third ovid shell.

11. Her alpha sits behind her, sharing in the estcasy of birthing as her transformed beta continues rubbing her muff, delighting in the seemingly endless pleasure that the laying of the perfectly-sized eggs from her sex elicits.
The Spitbugs will soon collect the unfertilized eggs and feed them to sustain their human captives, though shortly after the beta will set out into the marshes following her alpha as the two Spitbugs check the remainder of the traps set to catch the unwary and the lost.
Hopefully they will discover another find soon, with the appetite of two Spitbugs to sate, they will need many more males producing cum for their growing hive.