Pool: Steven Universe - Chryssie Crystal Gem (faust1173)

Turning a day at the beach, Chryssie found a brilliant blue stone. When she picked it up, the blue gem began to glow, sending strange ribbons out around her body.

Ribbons of what seemed to be light continued to snake from the odd glowing stone. Chryssie let out a shriek as they had wound tightly around her body in a tight shiny cocoon. She felt as it the strips were melting over her skin as the stone pressed in to the rubbery surface of the cocoon.

As the rubber cooled Chryssie's limbs emerged from the cocoon. Aqua colored limbs slipped free. She moaned softly as she slipped the sandy beach like a butterfly from a chrysalis.

The Gem had taken over her mind, having become a latex encased host for the alien stone.

Chryssie is the character of rhakark