"Alright now, go ahead and enjoy the rest of your vacation."

"In fact, you should be worried if you're NOT aroused."


"These waters simulate a man's touch, so it's perfectly normal to have lewd thoughts and feelings while soaking here."

"You see, these unique hot springs stimulate your entire body from head to toe."

"You two came here to critique my inn on behalf of the school."

"You see, I'd like to share its beauty with everyone at school."

Well, ummm...

"I'm the proprietress of this inn."

What's with the camera?

What's going on here?


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Ha … Hanika-san!
What are you doing here?!
Why are you taking pictures.
Well, um … ‘cause I'm this inn’s hostess.
I want to let everybody at the school know about this inn’s charms.
You two are representing the school and came to check out this inn.
So you have to experience this hot spring’s benefits from head to foot.
With the hot water here, you get hot just as if a guy were touching you.
With water of this quality, it’s natural to get excited.
Well now, let’s jump right in and enjoy the spa, shall we?