absurdres animals_only applejack berry_punch blush bon_bon braid carrot_top cheerilee closed_eyes comic curly_hair derpy_hooves discord drool earrings fangs femsub fleur_de_lis fluttershy freckles french_kiss gilda glasses gryphon happy_trance hat heart horns horse humor hypnotic_drink hypnotic_drug kissing long_hair lyra_heartstrings maledom mayor_mare mickeymonster mrs._cake my_little_pony octavia pegasus photo_finish princess_cadance princess_celestia princess_luna rainbow_dash rarity sapphire_shores screwball short_hair spiral_eyes spitfire symbol_in_eyes text the_great_and_powerful_trixie tongue tongue_out twilight_sparkle unicorn vinyl_scratch wings zebra zecora

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good god that is a heroic amount of character tags.
volco said:
Oddly hot.
^ eventually everything just becomes normal hot.
Good God, why am I so completely and inexplicably turned on by this? More than I have in a long while. Daaayyyuuuuummm.
TIL there is apparently a pony called Carrot Top