bikini blue_hair blush brain_injection breasts cleavage dazed eshie femsub fire_emblem fire_emblem_awakening hypnotic_eyes kaa_eyes large_breasts long_hair lucina magic necklace nintendo open_mouth slime

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This piece was funded by Eaglet. He's a cool guy who is the first person to commission me. Thank you so much Eaglet, I hope you enjoy it.
Oh my goodness, Eshie this is awesome!
You colored this, too? *drools*
. . . [starts a savings account for commissions]
First the reveal of her alt. colors in Smash, and now this?

Today has been great for our lovely warrior princess. <3
this is a great picture but what kind of hypnosis is this? It is brain injection and some sort of orb? It is awesome but honestly one of the first pictures with multiple hypnosises? hypnosy? whatever.
ooooh goodness
lucina eartentacles
muuuuh diiiick
Vorp said:
ooooh goodness
lucina eartentacles
muuuuh diiiick
You're making me laugh too hard to function, Vorp pls
eshie can i just give you an award
Ssssoooo... You do commissions? =D
The only thing that bugs me about this picture is that it isn't a full body shot but that's not important.
Well I'll be damned if this isn't the best thing ever.
Oh wow... Tentacles and Hypno, I'm so happy she made it into smash bros, her popularity is gonna skyrocket, saw the first lucina vore picture yesterday too, it's a good time to be a fan