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Oh man, the shot of the brain made me fall in love with this so easily, nice job! :]
This is my 3rd commission [of 7] from mcfreelydude, in 2 parts

my directions were
Snow white: she eats the apple, and instead of going to sleep, she becomes the evil queens slut. I admit there are some strong similarities between this and the first picture - so instead of bimbo, how about more of a corruption theme? give her colors that matches the queen [perhaps a purple and black cape/stockings/headgear/corset, heavy eye shadow, and black lipstick & nail polish- basically think vampire snow white] - if you wish to take it to this level of complexity [and I'm not demanding it] they could be reflected in the magic mirror. Definitely tattoos, maybe a leash and/or spikes. Snow should have a really evil/sultry look on her face
111 said:
have an apple dearie
How 'bout no.
Sexy brain. I love sexy female brains under hypnosis.