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all_fours anal bored_as_anything bottomless bra dildo fake_animal_ears fake_tail freckles garter_belt garter_straps glowing glowing_eyes hypnotic_accessory open_mouth original pendulum pet_play ponytail red_hair sex sex_toy sketch thighhighs underwear western

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Made a version with mule ears and tail, since I was considering adding it even before people requested it.
I liked the old one, but this is a definite improvement as well - I'm not 100% sure how the back part of the device works - is it just to steady the part with the carrot? Provide tension to the dildo? Increase wiggling due to leg movement?

anyway, very hot
TBH i gave up working the physics of it halfway through. Figured every time she moved her knees forward it would pull in, so to speak.