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Should there be a "slouched" tag? I know I've seen the pose more than once around here.

Certainly hotter than the zombie walk IMHO :P
They don't really look hypnotized more on the lines of curiosity a very derpy curiosity
Well, a smash ball should be hypnotizing people because once it appears, it gets everyone's attention and everyone is out to get it. Makes sense?
Is Palutena Omnipotent or just a standard goddess?
qwack said:
better then nothing
You have to be going out of your way to mess up your quotes that badly. I hit the button and it defaults to entering my text after the quote. You HAVE to be repositioning the cursor to have your reply above the quote. Please stop.
Is Palutena Omnipotent or just a standard goddess?
She seems to be omnipresent, but isn't omnipotent. She's able to be possessed by a demon and her soul torn out of her body.