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Anything with Dream Searcher is bound to be awesome.
MasterMalamar said:
Anything with Dream Searcher is bound to be awesome.
Anything with zorro-venom is bound to be awesome.
Man, sometimes Dream just can't catch a break.
Tfw you expect dom art, and it's sub.
Well, it's human hypnotics against apparently the equivalent of the Borg.
Mindwipe said:
This is not animals_only.
Really? Explain.
Pinkanator said:
Really? Explain.
General: animals only said:
Used when the only characters focused on in the image (as in, not just in the background) are animals or very animal-like characters (such as Pokémon).

This tag does not get used for animal ears characters.
It generally does not apply to furries; the only furries it should be applied to are so-called "feral" ones, i.e. ones that are extremely animal-like. (See the furry booru for clarification.)
Sirloin said:
Ah. Gotcha, didn't know that. Good to know, if I ever miraculously become able to draw.