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Ever wonder why Vipers have big busty breasts? Reptile like creatures genetically modified with human DNA. Funny how someone would read specify that and skip that juicy detail. Who's to say they didn't just took a snake DNA and fused it with people? Let me tell you what I think really happens.

So in XCom, there are a few missions that allow you to capture aliens right? Well, who's to say the Aliens doesn't capture soldiers as well? If you carelessly throw your men at your enemy, they might just get captured! Abducting them and bring them to base. Being imprisioned and kept as lab rats.

You'd never know what will happen to you once you've been caught. Stuck in a cell with the same teammates you've got captured within the strange alien territory. Sitting there waiting for something to happen. Fearing the worst, having to go over some alien tortures. Until one day they decide to transfer you and your friends into some chamber. Filling up with gas like a sauna and notice some strange effects to you and your friends. The process last about 2 hours. You'll know you'll be turning into a Viper if you experience the following symptoms.

- Dizziness
- Fatigue
- Stiffness of limbs
- Lost of Balance
- Itchy skin
- Developing Scales
- Growing Breast
- Reduce Dick Size
- Legs merging
- Headaches
- Hallucinations
- Sudden change of personality

The every human has a unique DNA code that might take an extra step to fully turn into a Viper. Most of them accept it well, some of them accept it too well. I've posted a link of the 3K quality picture down below. I didn't realized how that green terminal text was hard to read until I finished it. >.>
...Is the breeder/entertainer corps of Vipers also open to human volunteers? Because I would DEFINITELY want to join that, purpose of the aliens be damned. owo