blue_hair blue_skin boots breasts china_dress corruption demon demon_girl femdom gloves horns karukan knee-high_boots kneeling loli malesub manip monster_girl opera_gloves red_eyes resisting seizaverus shinrabanshou small_breasts solo succubus t323_(manipper) tail text wings

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Tried to do manip that involves demons. Apparently, my "succubus" collection are quite... insufficient in terms of suitable pics. Which is sad, I will need to search for more in future. And to think about some oni-oriented manips.
Also, I got myself an old version of Photoshop. I really hope that this is the last pic that I made using Paint.

Here also goes an awkward sex-scene.
(Comments are still appreciated.)
Manip said:
"I will strike you down with this frying pan."
Dullahan2 said:
this is a really good post

also i read the dialogue up until the snap in the voice of dendy from ok ko