before_and_after blue_eyes bulge clown comic dialogue freckles happy_trance hypnotic_audio hypnotic_music makeup male_only malesub mr.h open_mouth original pale_skin red_hair ring_eyes text thighhighs transformation western

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Guess I'm on a productivity roll, two pictures in two days! What a time to be alive.

Anthony finds a weird Jack-in-the-box, one that is empty, and instead makes you the new jester instead once it finishes playing Pop goes the Weasel.

Nice design Mr. H. Jester stuff is rare but always nice to see, and it's great to have more stuff from you.

Besides the black and white design, I like hat having eyes and teeth to help sell the idea for sure^^.
Looks like the joke *puts on sunglasses* was on you.
Mr.H said: