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The other post I've been working on. Funny story, this image has been in my to-do folder for a while, but the text was actually inspired by a self-help session for focusing on academics I went to recently. I was thinking about how some of the things that they said could be twisted, and after that it basically wrote itself. Months of writer's block gone in an instant. Hope you guys like it. Also, why are so many of my posts the only instance of an artist? Am I tagging wrong? Or am I just on the frontier of image acquisition or something?
Ooooo nice.

...Don't forget to wake people up though!
Holy crap! I love this! You like hit everything I could want in a pic/manipulation concerning Tifa! Dom Tifa plus using her breasts to do it with...and the way it's written. Many thanks for this!
Alright, I'm just gonna say it here and now; I'm a sucker for a beautiful artstyle such as this.