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This fought me so hard. But here it is.


I hope you enjoy, and I hope this format is working. I don't know if this is the final one in this series or not. I've sort of run out of great ideas on this plot. I don't know where I could go without possibly getting kinda weird with it. So, tell what you think! Good? Bad? I'd love to hear either way.
I say you could take it to the Ultron level. Gather more knowledge from various people around the world by processing them and bringing them to the lab, then assembling a body for him
You also could go into the direction of Venser trying to break out now by taking over this Phil guy. More or less, let the new brainwashed slave trick him into coming to the VR server, Take over his mind completely, get out of the server by using his body and living with his slaves from the on.... Either way, great story so far.
I quite liked it, and I think this format is a nice compromise, and did make it easier to read the story~
this entire series is damn fantastic tyvm
some random girl said:
I am so fucking wet right now.
Glad to see people like you have your priorities straight. Good job, some random girl.