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I would probably enjoy this quite a bit if not for the censorship bars..... Even if they do have dialogue
Thought there was a new version of kisekae out for a second
Does this count as enough of a manipulation though? I don't know enough about Kisekae to know 100% but it looks like there wasn't any manipulation done to the models. I believe the exception for Kisekae in the "No mass producable pics" rule is for if manipulation has been done to the models themselves. This appears to be basically a text-only manip.
Is this actually Kisekae? And if so, how much is actually edited? The mod team will need to know before they can make any decision.
investigated by opening up kisekae for the first time in a while

While it seems similar, there isn't any part of this that's recognizable as pure, unedited Kisekae dolls. It's likely the artist either was inspired by or used the doll program as a reference, but it's not a direct export.
*Correction to my previous comment

The faces might not have been edited, but everything else was either adjusted or redrawn
I like how all of them are almost the same height so that no adjustments to the censorship bar are needed.