animated_gif black_hair blonde_hair bottomless erika_(er-ikaa) female_only femsub happy_trance original pendulum pussy spiral_eyes symbol_in_eyes terrie

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This is extremely cute. I love it.
When you get hypnotized so hard that even your shirt falls under.
Erika is always adorable.
I wanna squish her cheek now
Hypno-themed clothes are just so cute!
Imasuky said:
Erika is always adorable.
The spiral skull and the cheek squish make it even more so ^^
I doubt I'm the only one to find it extremely hot when a woman is naked from the waist down like this... especially if her shirt's also resting atop her exposed boobs; that'd be the only way to improve this masterpiece.

On the other hand, we wouldn't see that glorious tranced shirt...