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It's lady Alice of the Yotsuba Zaibatsu!

My workplace is partly owned by the Yotsuba Zaibatsu too, so if my male self were to even just talk to her I'm sure I would be made to "disappear".

But she seems to be on friendly terms with Makopi-chan. Let's sneak a peek at her panties.

It's the manager, Dabi-san! (Is that a stage name?)

Her boobs are so damn soft! She was my original target, but Makopi-chan's body height is just perfect for her face to be in this position, so it's fine!

But she sorta smells of cats!



Makoto? What's wrong?

I'm getting addicted to Makopi-chan's little tits, hehehe.

Holy craaap...! I could rub these things forever...

Ngh! blush

Geez, Makopi?


Aahhh... Makopi-chan's friend......

Mana-chan, was it?

She's unbelievably hot!

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