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From Alenonimo:
LilimWare Slavex Suit is a versatile product that can enslave girls in different ways.

1.On the left, a girl with a brainwashing mod, completely submisse to your will.
2.On the right, a girl with a work mod (not activated yet) where her body can be forced to move on it's own. She can't complain with the gag mod.
3. On the middle, a girl being punished with electric shocks, with an armbinder mod and anchored to the floor with the sticky mod.

All these modifications (and several others, like the jetpack mod, teleport mod, invisible fence mod, bunnygirl mod, catgirl mod or aphrodisiac mod) come with the suits and can be enabled remotely or automatically. Even the colors can be changed! Strong material guaranteed to keep the slave enslaved for life.

The suit runs on batteries, stored on the collar, and need to be recharged often. The failsafe will disable the slave movements when the collar is damaged or out of juice, and will try to contact the server (sold separately) to send another slave to fetch her.
Good idea! I'd love to see this catch on, and I don't even have a latex fetish!