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So does anyone remember that Slave Auction I won about (at the time of writing this) a month back, not knowing the shit I got myself into as I was supposed to be Bayonetta's sex slave and groomed to be, and I quote: 'The Best Sex Slave in the Multiverse'? (post #55397)

*chuckles and begins laughing* Yeah. No. Nonononono...

So a really long and painfully agonizing story condensed: I used her earrings and a little sunlight during my down time not being "dominated" to get her under my control (Come on, this is me we're talking about. I can make nearly anything into a hypnotic tool) and from there, I slowly and surely claimed back my title as DaHypnoman...gaining a few other girls (and a tentacle monster) along the way.

So now Bayonetta serves me completely and not the other way around. At least not anymore...and she even got me an apology gift as a way to say I'm sorry.

So while I get to enjoy my own little gift, Bayonetta will be getting her own 'punishment', but I think she is enjoying the 'compensation'...sort of...

Enjoy! ;)
Vagoneta and LuchiLuchi...and that guy. :v
Well now we can finally see her in a maid outfit because we have all seen the fan art of that don't lie
man, and I thought Davy's oc was a punchable douche.
Hey man, save some pussy for the rest of us.
someguy231 said:
Hey man, save some pussy for the rest of us.
Hey, this is my first time even getting some pussy, man (in terms of speaking by my appearances). Been sitting in the sidelines hypnotizing others for too long... XD