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After doing two manips for Mistress Hypnosis, wanted to do one for myself.

Really like how it turned out <3
I want to be a cowgirl now mooooooo..... :3
Moooo. I'd definitely go to that address.

Though I do have a question with the idolmaster are they dressed as cows canonically?
I really like this. There are just a few issues with the execution:
First, you seem to change from a second-person-script to a third person story half way through. I think it's better to stick with one so that style remains consistent.
The other issue is that one brown line is in a slightly different color, which threw me off.
Aside from the few flaws that rocketracer mentioned, I quite liked it as well.

I do enjoy some good cowgirls, and the feminization bit was a nice touch too.

I'd be interested in seeing a follow-up of some sort~
Cows are my weakness @-@
Yesss more stuff thats really up my alley. :3