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I was almost there. The minions were no more, the puzzles were solved, and the guardians had been defeated one by one. The only thing left I had to do was get to the treasure chamber. On my way up the final set of stairs, I began to think of who this queen could be and why so many before me had never returned from this place. Surely at least one person could defeat this queen or at the very least retreat if things go awry. Maybe they just weren't skilled enough. I can't say this was easy but there has to be a reason.

Soon, I was approaching the last set of doors and was ready to face whoever was behind those doors. It could've been a succubus, a siren, or even a necromancer. I was not going to lose to whatever was behind these golden doors. I burst right through the doors and I was soon caught off-guard by all of the gold fog in this enormous room. I could barely see a foot in front of myself. I start walking forward and I soon notice a rather pleasant scent in the air. I just couldn't figure out what it could've been. My better judgement was telling me to cover my face but I just couldn't stop breathing it in. It just felt nice to take in this scent. I still kept my sword ready in case more of her pets came out of this golden fog and tried to sneak up on me.

''Eyes forward.'' A warm and velvety voice commanded to me. I follow along to get ready for a fight. Soon, the fog begins to clear but only enough to make a straight path to whoever was hiding inside. As the fog in the center of the room began to clear, more of my opponent was revealed to me. I wasn't surprised that the queen was beautiful but what I was surprised by was my overwhelming desire for her. I knew it wasn't lust magic since my sword wasn't glowing and I knew she couldn't be a succubus or a siren since neither of my rings were glowing. Why am I suddenly craving her flawless skin and.....perfect body? I usually can control myself better than this. Not even the most potent of pheromones would do this to me.While I was trying to figure out what this divine creature was doing to me to make me want to kiss her feet among other things, I began seeing a golden, swirling aura around her. What was this power?

I had never seen anything like it before. I tried to close my eyes but I soon heard her voice again. ''You can't fight me with your eyes closed. Resist. Keep those eyes open. Otherwise, I'll just dodge your every move.'' She was right. I had to fight this. No matter how she makes me feel. I couldn't find the will to run so, I tried to speed walk towards her. The faster I tried to move, the dizzier I became. After getting to her bed, I was unable to think straight. I was getting double and triple vision. My mind couldn't handle this. ''Feeling dizzy? Why not sit down and recover?'' That sounded so right I needed to recover. I quickly sat on her bed and quickly regretted it.

That scent was at its strongest here and I had no way of resisting. All I could do was stare at the queen, take in her lovely perfume, feel my truest feelings come forth as my mind ached from the numbing dizziness. I just couldn't do anything anymore. After a little while, she spoke again. ''Toss away your sword. Strip for me. Enjoy yourself.'' I mindlessly obeyed, unable to fight it any longer. I tossed the sword across the room and I soon heard the distant sound of my willpower shattering. I stripped of my armor, my rings, my flasks, my amulet, everything. ''lay back on the pillow.'' she whispered. I flopped on my back and my head was quickly greeted by a soft pillow. My vision was full of golden swirls and so were my eyes. ''Now that you see what a little bit of my power can do, I'll now show you what my true power can do. When I'm done, you'll never want to leave my castle.'' She said as she stripped down and prepared to give me a night no treasure could ever buy.


I'm currently doing writing commissions and manip requests. If anyone's interested, message me.
hwd171 said:
Story TBA


I'm currently doing writing commissions and manip requests. If anyone's interested, message me.
Oh neat. Best of luck, I don't get many myself but since you also do art stuff that might up your chances.
Hypno ass and pussy, with your writing skills I can't wait to see what you come up with man!
My internet is so bad so it keeps possing randomly so it looks weird
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That's what I thought too XD
The story's up. Sorry it took so long. Still taking Requests and story commissions.

I'll most likely use this in the 2nd part.