absurdres bezunamin blush breasts brown_hair corruption empty_eyes female_only green_eyes hair_ribbon happy_trance hyperdimension_neptunia if_(hyperdimension_neptunia) loli long_hair neptune_(hyperdimension_neptunia) panties purple_eyes purple_hair pussy_juice ribbon short_hair small_breasts underwear

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Shouldn't this be tagged loli or underage or similar?
NightmareKagamine97 said:
I checked other pics with Neptune and IF in there, and they do not have the loli tag in there. In this pic, they look more as adults than kids to be considered as lolis
In what world is that "adult"
Jabberwocky said:
In what world is that "adult"
Sorry that I worded it badly. I was only referring to IF when I said it. I meant to say that Neptune looks more as a teen than a kid
I'm curious as to if there's any context for this pic.