akairiot blue_eyes blue_hair blush bra breasts cleavage empty_eyes female_only femdom femsub glowing glowing_eyes green_hair hand_on_head happy_trance joshdehu_(manipper) kid_icarus large_breasts lingerie long_hair manip multiple_girls necklace nintendo pajamas palutena panties pokemon psychic red_eyes sabrina smile smirk thighhighs underwear

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Imasuky said:
Strange but good.
Honestly this came about because I saw the image of Sabrina and though about how that would be perfect for a manip. So then I looked through Akairiot's images to find one that would work and in the end I thought the Palutena image worked best.
Palutena looking so hot with that grin @.@
You are a masterful stitcher
Ah, good old style Sabrina