Yes, mistress, as you command.

Well done, my little slave! Now go fetch me some Botanera sauce.

La Botanera is a brand of hot sauce marketed primarily in Mexico and the United States.

Wait, what are you doing? I...can't...move...uh...

So you're not a maid, eh? That can be arranged.

Changing the subject, could you bring me a snack?

I would gladly help you, but I'm not a maid and I don't even know how to use a duster, heh, heh.

You know, if you helped me a little, I could finish cleaning sooner.


Sabrine! Hurry and finish cleaning, this show is getting good!

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Title: Se Buena Con Tu Miedo. {English: Be Good With Your Fear.}
It would be valid to add the tag "Knights of Sidonia"? xD
huh. Thought this was already here but apparently not :o

Also, the artist tag goes here. MexiGojira is just the person who commissioned it. Artist goes by dlobo777

One more thing, there's an english version here :P

Though you don't have to delete this one just to upload the English one if you or someone decides to upload the English one. Two versions of the same pic but with the text in different languages is allowed.
MultiLimbedXeno said:
Title: Se Buena Con Tu Miedo. {English: Be Good With Your Fear.}
is: Se buena con tu meido (maid misspelled)
Hypnotic magic’s a redundant tag; just leave it as magic.
Pikachu and totoro tag?!
The G Gundam picture is great.