Aaaaah... ♥ Ah ♥... Brain washing is complete, master. Umu, from now on I, once Emperor Nero, now「Meat Toilet Nero亅, declare my loyalty to cock and promise to devote my life to satisfying the sexual urges of the people ♥♥

My remodelled, enlarged breasts ♥ which can make me climax just from feeling a cock between them, even my always ovulating Roman pussy ♥ which is ready to be impregnated at anytime, every part of my body exists to be fucked ♥♥

blonde_hair blush breasts breasts_outside corruption fate/extra fate_(series) high_heels huge_breasts inverted_nipples midriff open_clothes open_mouth saber_extra short_hair text tongue tongue_out translated

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Would love to see the translation of this.
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