aegis_(persona) bimbofication blonde_hair breasts domestication dress empty_eyes female_only gloves happy_trance huge_breasts large_lips persona_3 robot sealguy short_hair stepfordization

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More cooking adventures with bimbo Aigis by Sealguy
Sealguy why must you taunt me?
she's trying her best!!! i literally can't get mad at her
skullman2033 said:
Why stepford bimbos are a fucking terrible idea
I agree. What's the point of a housewife who can't cook?
But goddamn if it ain't sexy
Well now this fetish is just wasting food, goddammit!
Sealguy did the impossible, he made aegis SUUUUCK.

OrangeJuicestice said:
Egads! Her roast is ruined!
We're doing that in the other pic