bb_(fate/extra_ccc) ella_(manipper) fate_(series) femdom feminization kaerunoko manip purple_eyes purple_hair text underwear

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First attempt at anything with 'manipping'. Never done anything like tags, scripts, or anything like that. I just have the fetishes, and the ability with a few programs in the Adobe sweet~ Since I view these things, thought I'd see if I can make one worth anything. Feel free to leave a comment telling me if it's something to continue~! Sorry if tags are bad or whatnot. Also gonna be working from a design standpoint in finding a better way to orient the text. This way is clean, and not too hard to read, but has a lot of negative space that's wasted. Maybe I'll just have longer scripts. Maybe I'll find out a better design.
The text area is actually brilliant. The white space up top could just be filled with some generic visual effect, very easy. And then there's that fancy spirograph shit. The text is the exact pink complement to the image, as far as my eyes will tell me.

Would be nice to know where image comes from.
Would be nice to know where image comes from.
Yea I actually got that image from a discord server where hentai and things are kinda just uploaded. So had no idea myself. I was iffy on uploading this stuff since it comes with tags to add, sources to possibly add, all the things I generally ignore cause I find everything else kinda easy xD
I'm not sure if this is B.B. or Sakura Maotou.
Datren said:
It's BB
looks like sakura from fate/stay night tho
You know it's BB because Big Breasts