animated_gif blonde_hair breasts cleavage ella_(manipper) femdom hypnotic_breasts manip purple_eyes text

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Okay this caption was more of a learning experience than a full on caption. Like a trailer to my future stuff ^-^ I went backwards with this one. Did the animation before the script and things lol. Didnt realize how much animation I had to do, and had to make the script work with the time, and key points to include text. And then also picked an image very bad for a gif so I had to compress it a bit. Looks crappy compared to the image itself as it started. But yea, jus a learning experience I guess, and technically a caption for you all to enjoy ^-^
That means yes I know timing for reading isnt on point, depth of field got compressed to shit, and its a really simple script. But yea, I know what to do now. So expect better things ^-^
There's actual little mind control/hypnosys going on here. It looks like she drugged the viewer and then he/she just collapses. Most of the animation is just blurring everything to hell which i personally do not like, not sure about other viewers. I can see some additional movement going on, so it is not just panning and blurring.

Then there are 2 standard mistakes.

1. Never start on a black frame or your Thumbnail is going to be Black. You can just start the Animation with the last frame and then have the normal rotation start from there. Nobody is going to see the difference.
2. With 7.1MB for this little gif I assume it wasn't optimized. There are quite a bit options to optimize before creating the gif and it cuts the size by a rather large amount (70-85% in most cases).

Of course if the board went with the time and let us post MP4 it would be even smaller (believe it or not, mp4 looks better and is way smaller as any gif). One of the reasons I stopped making gifs here and just post a single screen and a link to dropbox to watch the mp4.
I'm a blur fiend so I like this, but yeah. There are things to learn here, but I'd like to see more.
this works reaaaally well @p@
We need some more tennis girls~