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absurdres alkenstine_(manipper) ass bimbofication blonde_hair boots breasts caption_only clothed_exposure corruption female_only gradient_text happy_trance high_heels large_ass large_breasts liveforthefunk long_hair looking_at_viewer manip metroid_(series) nintendo ponytail samus_aran smile text thigh_boots topless

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Decided to do a bit of a manip from Samus's side, had a bit of fun with colors as well..... maybe a bit too much fun.
yeah the colors don't really work with that background once you get pinker
I can't read the final two text logs without being in the larger version, so maybe.
dig it. you may try adding a black outline on the text as it gets brighter, i'd say from day 88 onward. otherwise i dig it.
Ya I apologize for the problem with the text, can't currently fix it but I'll endeavor to try to do better on my other manips
If the pink text can't be fixed could you at least put some notes over it? This is some good shit
Love his half of the story even more than the other. I'd say keep the text colors, they're awesome, and see about making a simple gradient in the future for contrast in the back as well as front.
i want someone to record this because i think i would be fun to liscen to (i know i can't spell)