brainwaves female_only glowing glowing_eyes original pink_eyes telepathy undressing white_skin

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Well here goes ! Drawing that kind of stuff and sharing it on the net is still kinda new to me, so I'm not yet sure when this or that stuff would be okay to post here.

Anyway, this smug looking girl is a character of mine. I'm slowly working on a story and she's something between the main character's best friend, and one of her many girlfriends ^v^)
She's a very powerfull telepath, who can basically get anything people can give. But she mostyl uses her powers to have a lot of sex and an easy life.
(I'm not yet sure of her name, I thought of hermine, jennie or ethel ? I'm pretty open for suggestions on that part)
Great to see more art from you c:
Vorp said:
Great to see more art from you c:
Aww thanks ! ^ u ^)