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Translations anyone? plz?
I know I'm four months late to the party, but I can provide a general insight as to what this set of three images means.

There are a few other images that have gone with this concept but it's effective nonetheless: undetermined person is able to play a spell card in real life. Can you guess which one? I'll give you three guesses and a hint: starts with brain.

The sequence depicts Asuka's mind being slowly corrupted until she is a sex slave to the individual. She also refers to this individual as her "husband" in the third series.

Good news, bad news! Good news is that in a post later to this, probably tomorrow, I will give a rough translation to all three images of this sequence and the Ishizu sequence. Bad news is that it's just that: rough. I'm not a fluent Japanese speaker, but I refuse to let this sequence be untranslated any longer. Considering, you know, it's FOUR MONTHS.

I've also never actually edited an image like this before, so someone else may have to do it. At least we're getting progress? Whoo?