aang avatar_the_last_airbender bald black_sclera blue_hair blue_skin bottomless breasts corruption drool elf_ears empty_eyes femdom katara long_tongue malesub memetic_control mr.h necklace non-human_feet nude open_mouth sequence shota sketch smile tattoo topless transformation undressing western yellow_skin

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Looks like people keep asking for more Avatar characters being assimilated by the Depths Virus. The last tumblr requested asked what else the virus can infect and the answer is most things. Regardless of gender or spices the virus can twist someone into an aquatic mutant and into a new brood member. Guess if this keeps up I should start pooling these together.
Time to have some INTERESTING monster kids *giggles*
pokemongirl said:
Time to have some INTERESTING monster kids *giggles*
All kinds of monster kids!