3d angel_girl blonde_hair braid elf elf_ears floating glowing glowing_eyes goblin goblin_blues green_hair original purple_skin red_hair thighhighs wings

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I'd appreciate if the flag for moderation was less twitchy. It is mind-control, they're just posed in a trophy room.
I would love to see these girls individually.
Not going to lie, favorite part about this is the goblin. It looks like he really went through a lot of trouble to make everything look just right. So much story in that goblin.
It's a shame the goblin blends into the scene so much -- once you notice him, it becomes far more obvious that this is a personal collection and not necessarily some public display, and suggests possible captions. None enough for me to write at the moment, but it's a nice setting -- the lighting just weakens the overall composition, IMO.