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Hi guys! Here is the next part to the Siren Gems and Fashion tale! I hope you all enjoy it! ^^

Siren Slave Rarity Part 3

Angela took the box and smiled. “This my dear, will be perfect for you. I knew that from the moment you walked in that it was made for no one else but you.”

“W-Why thank you Miss Angela…. but still…I could never except something so splendiferous…at least without paying first.” Rarity said, her curiosity growing with each moment that the box remained closed.

“Oh, pish tosh my dear.” Angela said with a smile. “If you’re going to be my apprentice, you simply must look as fabulous as you can. And when I say this piece was made for you darling, believe me when I say it is the truth.” Angela tells her with a soft smile.

Rarity smiled and nodded her eyes widening in wonder as Angela opened the top of the box, with a brilliant white light shining forth.


I know this is a lot shorter than what I normally write, but I thought that a simple story was best instead of a long winded one. XD Until next time! Enjoy!
Short and sweet~

And oh gosh Angela's boobs *drools* @[email protected]
pokemongirl said:
Short and sweet~

And oh gosh Angela's boobs *drools* @[email protected]
XD Thanks PG! Glad you like it. ^^
The stories being short for these set up picks are fine, but don't feel like you need to hold back once the action starts.
Can't wait to see where this is going. Story good so far. Boobs looking good too