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Upload number two for the week. If you like, consider heading over to my thread and dropping a request.
Stage hypnotist Dr. Dawn? You couldn’t stop her if you tried.

Her beautiful volunteer certainly couldn’t. Perhaps she would rather join Dr. Dawn as her beautiful assistant next time. Anything to feel this good, owed and needed again.
Thank you so much for this Finn. You are a rising star and so damn talented. I cannot wait to see the visions you bring to life for the hub!
Is this technically hypnotized hypnotist?
OOOOh Very, very happy to see this!
This look great! I want to buy tickets to her show.
Your style is great, I reckon you're going to get very popular real quick, I'm loving all your recent stuff. BUT.. you need to work on your anatomy/the size of everything compared to everything else. Its not as obvious in Imasuky's pic but with the difficult perspective you chose for this it stands out.

The legs are massive compared to everything else, the shoulders and maybe hips need to be wider because of the length of the torso and the size of the thighs, the arms and hands really need a bit of beefing up and the heads are overly large. Your shape is on form, you just need to get the size right, none of the individual parts fit together, creating a jarring uncanny valley effect and also making them look rather neotonous, which adds to the whole thing.

However, just like with Lamia-Suky the pose, scene, expressions, lines and colours, everything else is spot on, I'm still saving this.
Trippy: oooo nice she looks like she's about to explode with pleasure
Agreeing with everything frank said. Proportions are all kinds of wonky, but but it's still amazing. Favorited with no regrets.
Loving this~ Some real backstage fun *drools*
frank said:
Ah yes, I was afraid that might be the case. I appreciate the confirmation.
TheKinkyFinn said:
Ah yes, I was afraid that might be the case. I appreciate the confirmation.
Glad to see you take it in good humour. I was unsure about giving a critique because its still something you've worked hard on and shared generously with a lot of redeeming qualities, but you have so much potential that you deserve some negative feedback too to help you keep progressing as an artist/know what you need to work on.

I think the best way to sum it up is that this piece is going to haunt in my dreams for all the right [i]and[\i] wrong reasons.