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Hey, everyone. I'd like you to meet Frankie. =D

A few months ago, I launched a Patreon project that would allow anyone to apply to have a hypnotizable avatar designed by me. You may remember reading about it here: http://hypnohub.net/forum/show/72916 ! I'm excited now to share with you all the results of that project! Frankie is a big guy with a bigger heart and an even BIGGER need to please~. As you can see, he can be quite susceptible to various means of persuasion, so I hope everyone out there will treat him kindly. After all, having other artists pick up and run with the character is part of the point! So, if you'd like to draw Frankie, feel free, he belongs to the public now. ;)
Everyone else, please let me know what you think! Does Frankie seem like an interesting character who'd be fun to hypnotize? Should I run a design contest like this again? Your feedback can help guide future projects, and make them better than ever, so chime in!