blonde_hair cat_girl collar evangeline_a.k._mcdowell female_only hypnotic_accessory negima!_magister_negi_magi rosvo text

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An Old Commisson I Asked from Rosvo. It wasn't On his DA account anymore so I Thought I'd Upload it here.
Artwork (C) to Rosvo
Evangeline A.K. Mcdowell (C) to Ken Akamatsu
I have Others. but i just wanted to Share this. Someone asked me to post it here.
DAMN, this is an OLD one :o
Trippy: purr purr purr purr purr purr
Isn't that one of the pics from Rosvo's very beginning?
boy it's been a long time...
but nice work
wasn't this part of a series of images?
Rosvo from before he changed his style to his current, inferior one.