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3 Days ago I posted a manip of Sumireko Usami to celebrate the then-upcoming release of Touhou 16.5 - Violet Detector, and since today the game has came out, I decided to make an even better manip, and after a long search for the best picture possible (A.K.A: Browsing the endless cesspool of Danbooru), I found this marvelous picture, I put it in Paint.net (Cause I don't understand Photoshop), and I completed the best manip i've done yet (At least in my opinion) to celebrate the newest Touhou game. I hope all of you's enjoy!

Also we needed more Sumireko on the hub.

this is super cute. I love the one's where you could interpret it both ways.
cause like look at that confident expression she could be doming right now.
Unless you're playing vs a Sumireko main in 15.5
Then, only pain exists. Only pain.

EDIT: I just noticed the image isn't properly cropped. There's a white bar along the right side of the image.