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As per usual, my Master's story to go along with their idea ->

Aqua's heart had long since succumbed to darkness. And after wandering the World of Darkness for so long, she was found by another dweller of the dark. Larxene had returned, and she too had fully embraced the darkness within her. Casting aside her heart, she eagerly embraced the darkness for the power it held and her first target was the helpless thrall before her. Larxene could not wait to test her new powers. After all, the more pain for her victim, meant more fun for her...
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I want to enjoy this as much as i do your other art blackwidow but...god dammit I'm so tired of Darkqua. Like just in general. The shock has worn off and now all thats left is this low droning noise.
Not one for footplay but anything with Aqua is "oof"
aqualover92 said:
Not one for footplay but anything with Aqua is "oof"
hypnofan100 said:
Not that kind of oof XD

A Youtuber i watch says that every so often in his vids and now its rubbed off on me XP
Amazing work!! The best KH girl getting hypnotized by one of the best methods
footnosis, and then being forced to worship Larxene's feet.
I feel like this was made for me.
Pinkanator said:
Shut up pink
Step on me queen larxene -clemps KH 358 days video