allison_(argonis) breasts cow_girl cowbell dark_skin female_only femsub happy_trance horns large_breasts long_hair lunakiri magic nipples open_clothes original red_hair red_lipstick spiral_eyes symbol_in_eyes transparent_background

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A draw of Allison by Lunakiri
she is open for commission so give her a call.
Also consider being a patron on her patreon
Awesome~ She did an awesome job on her design! Also those boobs *drools*
"Hello, how are you? Wait, you have never seen a cowgirl before? How odd, we are fairly common around here. Oh the swirly eyes? That's just a sign that I'm well and properly enslaved. What do you mean "What do you mean enslaved?" That is fairly common around here too.

In fact, I imagine you know that much at least. Noone comes to a place like this without either wanting to enslave people, or wanting to be enslaved. Which is it for you? If you like being a dom, I'm more then happy to submit to your needs. If you would rather know the bliss of being enslaved, I can help you find a nice master or mistress if you like, I know a few people round here.

Ainsley said:
Wow that pretty good.
You totally got pic and the story down.