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Short story from the source:

“Ssssso, you’re the young human recently joined the village.”

“Um, yeah… you’re the snake they told me about.”

“What did they ssssssay about me, my dear?”

“A lot of different things. Some completely different from others.”

“And yet you choose to sssswim in the lake closest to my tree.”

“I didn’t mean any offense-“

“Oh, my dear, I’m not mad, I sssso rarely get a visit. Tell me, do you like ssssankes?”

“Yes, they are some of my favorite animals.”

“Good, well I like cute little human women such as yourself.”

“We got something in common, I guess. So… I’m not bothering you?”

“No. But you look like you could cool off, I see you sssweating.”

“Yeah, I’m already mostly dry from the water I might go back in.”

“Yesss, or you could Jussst ssssstay a while. Get comfortable, let my coilssss slither around your curvy body. My cool sssscales gliding over your sssoft warm sssskin in this sssssweltering heat.”

“(giggles) That- that sounds nice.”

“Have you ever been coiled up by a ssssanke?”

“No, but- oh! They- (giggles)- they do feel nice on my back.”

“Tell you what, I’m going to coil you up, give you a nice long ssssqueeze, massaging that curvy body of yours and you can tell me what brought you to the jungle and about yourself. When we’re done, we’ll know about each other really well. How doessss that sound?”

“(sigh) Really nice.”

“Good, now come closssser.”
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