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When a distinctly humanoid character (i.e. non-animal) has features or costume alluding to an animal or mythical creature, there's probably an applicable <animal>_<gender> tag. These tags apply to characters in costume, to animal ears characters (a.k.a. kemonomimi), and to furries.

A human female wearing fake bunny ears is a bunny girl. A furry feline male is a cat boy. A futa with cow features is a cow futa.

Some common subsets of animals have their own tags. For example, cat girl is so popular that its subset tiger girl is also a tag. In these cases, the subset is usually implicated to also add the broader tag as well.

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Below is a partial list of tags in this category. If a tag exists for any one gender, it exists for all three; in this list, the most popular gender for each animal is given.

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