General: cosplay

One or more characters in a picture are dressed in the costume of at least one other identifiable character, whether from the same source material or not. This requires the outfit to match a specific character, not simply a generic uniform worn by a character.

As an example, a character dressed in a Team Rocket uniform, whether white or black, should not be considered cosplay unless they adopt another distinguishing feature of a specific Team Rocket member. A character wearing a maid uniform should be tagged with maid, not cosplay.

Similarly, a character wearing a bunnysuit or similar style of costume themed after another creature is also not cosplay.

A character wearing a full-body costume of another character is cosplay, however that costume is made. Likewise for a character dressed in a wig or wearing the hairstyle of another character.

For uniform costumes that are not cosplay, see:

For costume related tags which do not automatically qualify as cosplay, see:

  • alternate_costume for characters in another character's costume.
  • costume_switch for groups of characters who have swapped costumes.
  • alternate_outfit for characters presented in clothing they are not normally shown wearing.
  • costume for characters wearing any sort of costume for fun, whether it is a masked costume or not.
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