help:bulk posting guidelines

Bulk posting is the act of posting many images within a small time frame, which pushes previous posts off of the front page of the index at an abnormal rate. This can bother artists and uploaders by making them feel as though their recent uploads are being "pushed out of the way" too quickly. We ask that you be considerate of them by following these guidelines when posting in bulk.

Note: these are exactly as they're described - guidelines, not strict rules. It is highly recommended that you follow them in order to be considerate of your fellow users.

As a general rule of thumb, when posting a related set of images all at once that necessitates a pool (such as a comic, or an image set or sequence), choose a few (2-3) images that best represent the entire set and temporarily hide the remaining images from the post index. After a week or so has past, or once the images pass the first page, please then unhide those images so that they will display on the index.

Please keep in mind that a sequence of related images is eligible for a pool if there are 3 or more images in the set.
Updated by Vanndril about 3 years ago