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These rules are no longer used since our transition to Ch0wW's discord channel. The discord channel is a separate entity with its own rules and moderation. This page is just being kept for posterity.

These are the rules and guidelines for our #HypnoHub IRC channel.

#HypnoHub Rules and Guidelines

  • The channel moderation now works as a 3-Strike system. If you go too far with something, you get a strike. If you get 3 strikes, you get banned from that channel. It's that simple. However, do not think this means you cannot be banned or punished unless you have these strikes. In extreme circumstances, our IRC moderators are allowed to ban, both temporarily and permanently, the user(s) causing the problem.
  • Don't argue moderation decisions. If our moderators decide something is too far, it is too far. If you feel like a moderator has been abusing their privileges, please message Vanndril with a screenshot of the incident in the IRC as proof of abuse. Reporting abuse without a screenshot as proof is considered false accusation and is subject to an addition of a strike to your name.
  • Don't be an ass. There's no need to be perfect little angels, but seriously, extreme disrespect and generally being rude will not be tolerated. Behave yourself, and you'll have no problem.
  • Any content disallowed from the main site's forums is also disallowed to be linked to in the channels. Mainly, this means "no child porn". The fact that I even need to make this a rule...
  • If you link to something that involves loli or shota, warn people that it is involved. Not doing so can be extremely dangerous to the people who open these links.
  • Most anything is allowed here except for Roleplay and Text-Hypnosis Sessions. Partaking in said things in the channel will result in a warning by administration and, if you persist, a strike.
  • No triggers! You are not to trigger anyone in #HypnoHub!
Please note that #HypnoHub is not "clean". Talking about and sharing porn and the like is allowed. Also, and this should be obvious, talking about hypnosis in this channel is fine, just not hypnotizing someone or using their post-hypnotic triggers and the like.
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