help:rules of conduct

These are HypnoHub's general Rules of Conduct. This version of the Rules of Conduct apply to the comments section of the gallery.

For the Forum Version of the Rules of Conduct, click here.

  • Comments must remain respectful. You needn't agree with and pander to everyone you talk to, but a reasonable amount of respect is required to be maintained.
  • Comments with a particularly high chance of causing drama due to their extremely sensitive topics are not to be posted.
  • Comments about exceptionally private matters are not to be posted.
  • Comments must remain at least tangentially on topic of the image they're posted on.
  • Comments regarding suicide (ie suicide threats) will be deleted, and the user who posted the text will be banned so that they can take time away from the site to better focus on and handle their situation. Repeated offenses may result in a permanent ban for the sake of both the poster's and the Hub's well-being.
Comments that break these rules may be deleted, with or without warning and notice, and will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

Punishment guidelines for breaking the Rules of Conduct are outlined below. Note that these are guidelines. The punishments are still ultimately decided by HypnoHub staff case-by-case, but these guidelines serve as a good basis for what to expect.

  • First Infraction: 7-day Ban
  • Second Infraction: 14-day Ban
  • Third Infraction: 30-day Ban
  • Fourth Infraction: Perma-ban
Note: Warnings may be given for more minor infractions if the user has yet to be banned for breaking the Rules of Conduct. If you have, it's more than likely that you will not receive another.
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